Importance of BIM outsourcing services in India and its utility

BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of architectural designs. In simple words, it is a digital representation of a building project.

BIM tools

BIM services India design tools allow extraction of different views from a building model for drawing production and other uses.

BIM software

BIM services India and software defines objects parametrically i.e, the objects are defined as parameters and relations to other objects, so that if a related object is amended, dependent ones will automatically also change. Current BIM software is used by individuals, businesses and government departments who plan, design, build, function and maintains different actual infrastructures, such as water, power, gas, etc.,

BIM outsourcing

Proper design is the core component of structural and Architectural Services. So with the help of BIM outsourcing, we can have the clear idea of our project (or) design. It can create and visualize 3D model using virtual intelligence, detect possible Clashes and minimize risks. Some reasons for choosing BIM outsourcing are reducing the costs and providing the necessary information about quality and structure of the construction.

BIM companies in India

India is a developing country, with higher manpower. Therefore BIM Outsourcing services in India is on their developing side. BIM companies in India consists of many qualified and trained building information modeling professionals who are experienced in the field for implementing these techniques in Indian constructions projects and also have assisting teams which help other countries such as USA, UK, Australia, etc in designing and delivering the construction projects with building information models.

BIM outsourcing services in India are mainly divided into 3 Sectors

  • BIM for Retail sector
  • BIM for Residential sector
  • BIM for Commercial sector

BIM for retail sector

Executing construction projects using BIM Outsourcing technologies can be beneficial to construction companies within the retail sector. Building designs for retail sectors are highly complex and large scale. Parametric features of BIM modeling can minimize efforts and construction time which in turn reduces the price factor.

Main services offered for retail sector are Architectural BIM modeling, Structural BIM modeling, MEP BIM Services.

BIM for Residential sector

This type of BIM is mainly for building apartments or independent houses in the residential areas.

Main services offered for retail sector are Architectural construction drawings, Residential structural BIM, BIM simulations using Navis work, 3D & 2D sections – Elevations.

Main services provided for Residential Sector are Architectural BIM modeling, Structural Revit Modeling, MEP BIM, HVAC, Plumbing and electrical Drawings.