Benefits Of drinking Darjeeling and Assam Tea

Everyone likes to drink tea in both morning and evening because it gives instant refreshment for you. There are many varieties of tea available in the market among them Darjeeling tea and Assam tea are most famous. Here, you see some health benefits of drinking Darjeeling and Assam tea.

Benefits of Darjeeling tea:

Darjeeling tea is a kind of tea from the Darjeeling district and it is available in green, black, and white color. One who enjoys with the cup of tea is familiar with the Darjeeling tea. Darjeeling tea is very delicious so often referred as the champagne of teas. You can buy darjeeling tea online or in the market. Generally, Darjeeling tea considered safe to drink because it contains many effective compounds that provide many health benefits. Here are the topmost benefits of the Darjeeling tea.

  • A cup of Darjeeling tea per day is healthier for your heart.
  • Darjeeling tea keeps your teeth healthier as well as stronger.
  • This prevents you from gastric ailments.
  • This also promotes your body weight control.
  • Darjeeling tea strengthens the immune system.
  • Apart from this, Darjeeling tea is the stress buster.
  • It contains many antioxidants thus it promotes your health.

Why are you still waiting to go and buy darjeeling tea online to enjoy this much of health benefits?

Benefits of Assam tea:

Assam tea is the healthiest beverage as the morning tea hence people Buy Assam tea and use it as their morning beverage. Assam is the largest tea-growing area in the world so that this tea name given as Assam tea. This Assam tea has several health benefits and it is a black tea. You can Buy Assam tea in the market or online but the cost is same. Let's see the benefits of the Assam tea.

  • Assam tea reduces fat

It is proven that Assam tea reduces fats from the body because it blocks fat absorption into the cells. Assam tea is the effective tool for weight loss. Moreover, it increases body metabolism and energy levels.

  • Assam tea prevents heart attack

A European study showed that a cup of Assam tea each day reduced the risk of heart attack by fifty percentages. In addition, it also prevents many heart diseases and reduces the risk of high blood pressure. This also prevents blood clots and helps strengthens your nervous system.